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Directorate - Quality Control Directorate
Under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein on the need to develop the performance in all institutions of the state through building capabilities, qualitative reform programs and upgrading the quality of service provided to society in all wok sectors, and also the continuous seek of  the wise government towards developing and sustaining institutional partnership between all institutions, upgrading the level of performance which serves the national goal represented in preparing Jordanians for sustained learning, and motivating them to work in professions which their value increase constantly. It's become obligatory for training providers to revise their plans and programs to be in line with this goal. For this reason, the Corporation of Vocational Training started to develop its performance in a way that meets the needs of marketplace in quantitative and qualitative aspects through implementing overall quality assurance in the Corporation.  
We, in the Corporation of Vocational Training to be partners in developing a high quality training system that competes those in local and regional levels.
Ensuring training's quality through consolidating Corporation of Vocational Training as a leading pioneer in providing training and ensuring its quality on the local and regional levels.
  • Professionalism;
  • Justice;
  • Transparency;
  • Persistence;
  • Integrity;
  • Credibility;
  • Commitment to implement best international practices.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • To contribute in building the culture of quality in the corporation's administration and affiliated institutes ;
  • Building a long-term strategy to develop training's quality which ensures that the corporation has a reputation and high-level performance locally and internationally;  
  •  Implementing follow up and evaluation strategy to measure attained achievement at result of goals and action plans of training;
  • Preparing a periodic reports on the progress of training process in the corporation's institutes which ensures the commitment of imposed standards and conditions to assure the quality of training;
  • To ensure implementing training's quality standards; which include the following:
  1.  The competency of human resources and to ensure its committing and executing;
  2.  The competency of equipments, material resources and buildings;
  3. The progress of training process phases;
  4.  Training programs, curricula and professional test;
  5.  Safety and professional health;
  6.  Using the styles of statistical control of work;
  • Follow-up all training processes in a way that ensures implementing the minimum of specified standards for each process with implementing (bench marketing) for external comparison with distinguished institutions that work in the same training field;
  •  Preparing action plan to obtain international quality certificates in area of training for the corporation;
  • Preparing a plan to training cadres on managing quality of training in the cooperation with responsible parties in the corporation and follow-up its implementation; 
  • To contribute in accrediting the corporation's institutes from local and specialized international parties; 
  • Qualifying internal evaluators and outsourcing to evaluate training performance; 
  • Activating preventive and corrective maintenance in institutes;
  • Preparing studies and reports aim at updating and simplifying the procedures and work regulation related to training;
  • Receiving suggestion related to developing training from directorates and institutes; 
  • Amending documents related to training quality management system in accordance with feedback from labor market
Institutes’ Information
  • Definitions Related to Quality:
Quality Management (إدارة الجودة)
It's the coordinated activities to direct and ensure quality of training process in the corporation, and it is a part of other administration's systems such as training management or financial management.
Quality Management System (نظام إدارة الجودة)
It's an administrative system to set quality policy and its goals and to accomplish these goals.
Quality Manual ( دليل الجودة)
It's the documents (information – schemes – specifications –directions – procedures – instructions – graphics – records…etc) which describe (the availability of organized information about) quality management system in the corporation.
Quality Planning ( تخطيط الجودة)
is that part of the management of training quality which focuses on setting training quality goals, and describes training processes and relevant resources to fulfill these goals.
Quality Audit ( ضبط الجودة)
It's that part of quality management which focuses on fulfillment of training quality standards.
Quality Assurance ( ضمان الجودة)
It's that part of quality management which focuses on providing confidence in training quality standards.
Quality Improvement ( تحسين الجودة)
It's that part of quality management which focuses on enhancing the quality of accomplishing training quality standards.
  •  Training Quality Assurance Mechanisms
  1. Information Systems.
  2.  Evaluation Systems.
  3. Quality Assurance Systems.
  4.  Accreditation Systems.
  5.  Institutional Benchmarking Systems.
  6. KPI-linked Finance and Expenditure Systems
  7. Well-planned Incentive Systems.
  8.  Certificates, programs and institutions accreditation systems.

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