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Directorate - Communication and Information Technology Directorate
The Mission
Communications and Information Technology Directorate undertakes managing, developing and sustaining computerized information systems that are used in the corporation as well as computers and their accessories, also it undertakes supervising over managing information network, its update and maintaining high level of information security, and also repairing and sustaining telecommunications network and electronic exchanges in corporation’s administration and institutes; 
The directorate consists of three departments:
1-2 Networks Department
2-2 Programming Department
3-2 Maintenance Department

Duties and Responsibilities
Directorate’s Duties
  • Sustaining, developing and maintaining all communications and information systems used in the corporation to operate efficiently;
  • Providing all institutes with computers and their accessories as required;
  • Future planning to develop and improve the performance of computerized information systems used in the corporation;
  • Conducting the required technical studies for future projects;
  • Qualifying and training engineers and technician employees in the directorate to enhance their competency:
  • Preparing the required annual and strategic plans for the work of the directorate to serve training process:
  • Inspecting the needs of the corporation’s institutes of computers and systems, and to work to supply them:
Duties of Maintenance Department
Providing technical support for the users of computers and telephones:
  • Maintaining and fixing computers and their accessories:
  • Preparing monthly technical reports on the adequacy of computers:
  • Performing preventive and periodic maintenance processes for computers and their accessories:  
  • Supplying the computers maintenance workshop with the required equipments and equipments to fix all breakdowns which occur to   computers and their accessories:
  • Follow-up fixing breakdowns occurred to operating systems, or various applications of working computers:
  • Taking all safety measures that are required to maintain computers’ efficiency;
  • Fixing all electronic telephone exchanges related to corporation and maintaining their adequacy:
  • Studying the status of currently used telephone exchanges, and taking the required procedures to replace the old ones:
  • Follow-up the adequacy of all cell line of the company of Zain & Orange which are operated on the telephone exchanges of the administration and the institutes, and ensure that they work properly:
The Duties of Networks Department
  • Maintaining the infrastructure of the information system network:
  • Maintaining functionality of the computers of network:
  • Preparing and implementing needed plans to increase the security of information network:
  • Inspecting the current and future needs of corporation from computers and information systems:
  • Studying and evaluating technical offers:
  • Follow-up developments and updates that occurred on operating systems:
  • Preserving backup copies for application programs at the company:
  • Protecting information network against hacking and viruses:
  • Participating in setting technical specification for required equipments:
  • Preparing technical work reports:
  • Taking all required safety measures to maintain equipments' efficiency:
The Duties Programming Department
  • Sustaining all computerized information systems that are used in the corporation;
  • Follow-up developing and updating the systems that are used in the corporation adopting latest versions produced by manufacturing companies;
  • Inspecting the corporation’s needs for systems and latest applications;
  • Collecting information about systems’ performance through users;
  • Preparing analytical studies for required systems by the corporation;
  • Preparing technical specifications for required systems;
  • Receiving the systems from supplying companies and ensuring that they match the required specifications;
  • Preserving backup copies of all used applications;
  • Training customers on using systems and solving problems which they encounter;
  • Preparing work technical reports;
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