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Directorate - The Directorate of Organizing Vocational Work
 The directorate of organizing vocational work was established according to the provisions of organizing vocational work law No. 27, in 1999.
Organizing vocational work law No. 27, for 1999 year aims at identifying the specifications, standards, and required requirements to exercise vocational works in terms of specific performance standard in Jordanian labor market through classifying vocational workers to vocational levels; (Specialist, technician, professional, proficient, limited skills worker), and shops of professions to be classified into categories of (A, B, C, and D) in accordance with accredited vocational standards for this purpose.
Duties and Responsibilities
  Services Provided by the Directorate of Organizing Vocational Work
  •  Classifying vocational stores in accordance with organizing vocational work law No. 27, for 1999 year and system issued according thereof;
  •  Issuing profession practicing license in collaboration with Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center in pursuant to organizing vocational work law No. 27, for 1999 year, and system No. 83 for the year 2000 issued in pursuant to articles (7) and (8) of the law and through corporation’s centers/ institutes;
  •  Preparing tests implementation procedures, vocational stores classification procedures, and circulating them to corporation’s centers/institutes;
  • Forming inspection committees to check on stores classification within public and private sectors in accordance with conditions and accredited bases for this purpose;
  • Revising and follow up the procedures of implementing determining vocational placement tests in the institutes and field which are executed by public and private sectors;
  • Identifying the titles of works which are included within organizing vocational work law, which will be implemented in the corporation’s institutes in pursuant to available classification and vocational description and its set tests in a way that considers the availability of requirements for implementation in term of supervision cadre in the institutes;
  • Preparing vocational reports in some selected classified vocational stores;
  • Preparing a monthly reports to practice profession for expatriate labor;
  • Coordinating with Greater Amman Municipality and municipalities;
  • Vocational inspection on vocational shops and workers to ensure implementing the provisions of inspection system No. 76 for 2004 year;
  • Forming technical committees from public and private sector related to the development of technical standards to classify vocational stores that are included in the provisions of law, and accrediting and circulating to corporation's centers/institutes;
  • Forming supervision vocational tests committees from public and private sectors;
  • Verifying transactions received from centers/institutes, data entering them in accredited system, and issuing the required certificates;
  • Organizing workshops for employers, the heads of divisions and the specialized people about organizing vocational work law and provide them with guidance;
  • conducting guidance tours to local labor market;
  • Follow-up institutes/centers in regard to classifying workers and vocational stores;
  • Providing suggestions in regard to improving work performance, or improving systems and instructions which organize inspection;
  • Participating in seminars, conferences, various workshops and developments of specialized work; 
  • Preparing cooperation agreements with professional associations and military and civilian vocational, establishments in regard to implementing provisions of organizing vocational work law through classifying vocational workers within vocational levels;
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