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Directorate - Public Relation and Media
The directorate of media and public relations conducts an important and vital role, whereas it's considered one of the directorates which has a permanent presence and works as the corporation's frontage and a connecting link between the corporation, and the ministries and departments in the country; and between the corporation and media due to role it plays in covering and highlighting all activities and events implemented by the corporation.
For the purpose of informing the mass about its activities and goals, create a public opinion, and gain support in delivering its mission and goals through providing accurate information and correct data which help on creating a correct point of view about training issues.   
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Marketing vocational training services that implemented by corporation through various means of media;
  • Marketing training programs that implemented by corporation for civil society organizations and employers in participation with corporation's institutes in order to increase knowledge of targeted groups about vocational training programs that are provided by the corporation in a framework of guidance and directive plan to enhance vocational awareness;
  • Marketing products to exhibit training specializations in institutes through holding exhibitions by the corporation with participation of external parties;
  • Promoting collaboration and coordination with various media means (visual, audio, and printed media) to highlight the corporation's role, and show its activities at national level;
  • Investing corporation's website to market its services, highlight it's activities, and to utilize it as a portal for internal and external communication;
  • Building a network of public relations with relevant parties to serve corporation's goals and functions;
Institutes’ Information
 Directorate's Departments
The directorate consists of departments linked to the directorate's manager directly, and they can be classified as the following:
Firstly: the department of media
The major duty of the department:

Marketing the services of vocational training implemented by the corporation through various media, and introducing the corporation in term of its goals and programs through different media ( audio, printed, visual media, and the corporation website: through specified and organized procedures);
Secondly: Public relations
The major duty for department:
Building a network of local public relations with relevant parties to serve the corporation's goals and functions, follow-up travel visas for a group of delegated employees on official duties to some countries, and providing facilities and receiving visiting delegations; And coordination with the directorates of institutes with regard to activities and events held by them through specified and organized procedures;
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