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Directorate - Internal Auditing Directorate
Directorate’s Goals
  • Ensuring that the determined goals in the corporation have been achieved in accordance with plans, policies, laws, systems and other legislations in action;
  • Providing the senior management with information and data for the purposes of enforcing control, evaluation and accountability;
The Scope and Area of Control Directorate Work
The work of control directorate includes auditing and control of administrative, financial, and technical control, and evaluating outcomes with goals in the following domians:
  • Resources and human and ,material production factors whether recruited, in action or stored;
  • Evaluation of performance;
  • Enforcing laws, systems, instructions and resolutions;
  • Records, documents, deeds and files;
  • Bidding and procurement decisions and their adating with actual need;
  • The works of other committees;
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Working, verifying and evaluating of all activities aspects related to validity and accuracy of transactions, financial transactins, accounting, administrative and technical behaviors; and work procedures, and human and material elements of production;
  • Verifying and ensuring that resources have been collected and documented in the records duly;  
  • Checking and ensuring that assets, properties, and various production elements have been possessed, purchased, employed, used or utilized in accordance with standards & accredited specifications;
  • Verifying, ensuring and providing all possible means for the safety of in action production elements; and repairing, protecting and maintaining them;
  • Verifying and ensuring that the elements of production and work procedures have been conducted according to legislations in force;
  • Evaluating the performance in all work aspects;
  • Verifying and ensuring the implantation the law of general budget and financial legislations according to legislations in force duly;
  •  Verifying, ensuring and activating collection of general revenue; 
  • Participating in the works of other committees commissioned by the authority which the directorate belongs to;
  • Inquiring, asking and requesting data and information within the scope of its duties and responsibilities;  
  • Evaluating administrative decisions to ensure that they adapt with legislation in force;
  • Verifying that all general assets are used for public interest only;
  • Reporting monthly achievement reports to the authority related to the directorate or any other relevant authorities in the administration; 
  • Also, in addition to this monthly and private reports when the need and demand by the central directorate of internal control in the Ministry of Finance;
Institutes’ Information
 The directorate exercises its duties and responsibilities through the following departments:
  • Audition and Administrative Control Department.
  • Audition and Financial Control Department.
  • Audition and Supplies Control Department.
  • Audition and Technical Control Department.
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