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Directorate - Admission & Registration Directorate
Follow-up implementing direction, guidance and registration programs, monitoring results, issuing certificates, trainees affairs and activities, and assesing and improving programs; it's connected with the deuty director for training affairs.
Duties and Responsibilities
 Duties of Vocational Direction Department & Graduates Follow-up
  • Preparing department's annual plan and budget;
  • Follow-up implementing vocational direction and guidance plans and evaluating them;
  • Participating in studies related to vocational direction and graduates follow-up;
  • Studying the condition and general problems related to trainees, such as: dropout, weak achievement, absenteeism and vocational adaption, and recommending required solutions in coordination with concerned persons;
  • Identifying training needs for professionals guides and participating in increasing their competencies;
  • Follow-up institutes' activities related to coordination with funding parties for self-operating projects;
  • Preparing reports and periodic and urgent statistics about department's achievements;
  • Follow-up and coordinating registration procedures for transferred students from social support center which follows Jordanian Hashemite Fund in pursuant to signed agreement;
  • Follow-up and coordinating procedures related to conducting training courses for the centers of correction and rehabilitation in pursuant to signed agreement with Public Security Directorate;
  • Participating in committees related to vocational direction and guidance committees in and outside the Kingdom;
Duties of Trainees Affairs Department     
  • Preparing department's annual plan and budget;
  • Follow-up registration and admission procedures of training programs, and circulating them;
  • Preparing time agenda for trainers in training programs and circulating them;
  • Follow-up and monitor work injuries of the trainers;
  • Follow-up and organizing training contracts with employers;
  • Follow-up conducting of delivery of military service record book and to postpone military service date for trainees;
  • Coordination with establishments of public and private sectors respecting funding and remitting fees ofr needy trainees;
  • Supervising over the project of Piaster charity committees in the corporation's institutes;
  • Follow-up the performance of trainees registrars in vocational training institutes;
  • Identifying training programs for trainers registrars and to participate in increasing their competency;
  • Preparing periodic and casual reports on department's achievements;
  • Preparing admission and registration basis and circulating them to institutes;
  • Participating in the committees of developing the instructions of vocational training programs;
Duties of Registration, Results and Certificates Department
  • Preparing the budget and annual plan;
  • Preparing & developing instructions, forms, cards, certificates and records related to department's work;
  • Follow-up and documenting data and information related to trainers since joining various training programs until graduation, and organizing work records;
  • Follow-up implementing instructions and procedures which regulate registration, results and certificates processes and develop them;
  •  Supervising over department's duties and activities in accordance with plans and accredited programs;
  • Directing & evaluating performance of subordinates, identifying their needs and participating in increasing their competency;
  • Preparing periodic and casual reports on department's activities;
  • Working on increasing the competency of department's workers in administrative and technical aspects;
  • Documenting trainers' results who apply for placement tests;
  • Issuing, stamping and signing certificates;
  • Ratifying certificates copies and documents;
  • Preparing external letters in order to ensure the validity of certificates;
  • Issuing statistics about trainers numbers in the corporation;
The Duties of Activities Department
  • Preparing the budget and annual plan;
  • Studying and improving co-curricularactivities for the corporation's institutes;
  • Follow-up implementing co-curricularactivities in institutes related to the corporation and evaluate them;
  • Follow-up and identify facilities and equipments that are required for co-curricularactivities in the corporation's institutes;
  • Coordinating with public relations department to provide meida coverage for co-curricularactivities;
  • Preparing periodic and casual reports on department's achievements;
  • Preparing & developing foundations and executive conditions related to co-curricularactivities;
  • Studying interests and trainers' needs respecting co-curricularactivities;
Institutes’ Information
 The Manager of Registration and Admission
Mobile: 0795168313
The Head of Vocational Direction Department
Mobile: 0795159786
The Head of Trainees Affairs Department
Mobile: 0795542847
The Head of Activities Department
 Mobile: 0795077507
The Head of Registration Department
Mobile: 0797696698
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