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Directorate - North Region Training Directorate
  • The directorate of training of north province started work in 1996. The directorate is located in Irbid, east of Prince Rashid Military Hospital - Amman- Al-Hoson road.
  • The directorate of training of north province includes (9 institutes), namely:
  • Vocational Training Institute- Hakama
  • Vocational Training Institute-Al-Masharh
  • Irbid's Vocational Training Institutes for Girls
  • Vocational Training Institutes-Al-Tatweer Al-Hadaree – Bait Ras
  • Vocational Training Institutes-Al-RamthaVocational
  • Training Institutes-Jerash
  • Vocational Training Institutes-Ajloun
  • Vocational Training Institutes-Al-Mafraq
  • The Institute Information Technology
  • North Province institutes include around (62) specializations implemented through (92) operators. whereas the number of trainees was trained by the end of 2011 was around (2630) male/female trainees over vocational levels (professional, proficient, specific skills worker, serving society training courses and continuous training which are held upon participants' request.
  • Training is held in accordance with specific training agreements between the corporation and public and private sectors in order to remit trainees' fees and to increase jobs opportunities for graduates where (3) training agreements were signed for the year 2012 as following:
  • Training agreement with Development and Employment Fund and includes (12) specializations;
  • Training agreement with Higher Council of Disabilities and includes (4) specializations;
  • Training agreement withElectricity Company in Irbid governorate for the purposes of serving one specialization: (Overhead Network Electrician).
  • Training is held in account of projects where we hold five projects for the year 2011 as following:
  • Japanese Project
  • USA Project
  • Tourism Project
  • Empowerment of Females Project
  • Promoting Females Participation Project
  • Specializations implemented in north's Projects
  • General Electrician Vehicles
  • Technical Support for Computer Maintenance and Networks Installations
  • Secretary/Typist
  • General Coiffure
  • Secretary And Office Management
  • House Electricity Wiring
  • Air Conditioning and Home Cooling
  • Aluminum Profile Smith
  •  Confectionery
  • Computer
  • Vehicles Electrician
  • Furniture Carpenter
  • Hairdresser for Men
  • Oriental Confectioner
  • Profile Blacksmith
  • Car denting and painting
  • Western Confectioner
  • Trucks and Buses Mechanic Specialization
  •  Air Conditioning and Home Cooling Equipment Mechanic
  • Pipe Welder
  • Metal Formation
  • Data Entry Worker
  • Women Outfit Cloths Sewing
  • Hairdresser for Women
  • Industrial Instruments Maintenance
  • Plaster Decorations
  • Central Heating Mechanic
  • Turner
  • House Hold Electrical Appliances Electrician
  • Auto Electrician Assistant
  • Furniture Carpenter Assistant
  • Hairdresser Assistant for Men
  •  Turner Assistant
  • Confectioner Assistant
  • Aluminum Profile Smith Assistant
  • Home Wiring Electrician Assistant
  • Aluminum Smith Assistant
  • Cell Phones Maintenance
  •  Industrial Sewing
  • Applied Computer   Programs user
  • Sanitary Installations Mechanic Assistant
  • Hay and Bamboo
  • Agricultural Training Courses. 
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Follow-up implementing and applying training programs;
  • Documenting the relation between the institutes and local community;
  • Providing technical and administrative cadres for the institutes;
  • Marketing province's institutes through advertisements in media (Broadcast – newspapers……………etc);
  • Conducting the required studies to identify training and vocational needs;
  • To supervise over enrollment and training trainees in all programs and providing required training environment;
  • Diagnosing problems and addressing them before occurring;
  • Providing organizational environment which motivate culture of excellence;
  • Drawing policies, setting strategic goals and following up implementing and evaluating them on the corporation's level;
  • Following up, assessing and directing institutes' plans;
  • Holding meetings and seminars and lecturing to introduce the Vocational Training Corporation;
  • Providing all basic materials and equipments for all institutes;
  • Conducting continuous field visits to stand on the progress of training process in province's institutes;
  • Follow-up graduates and collecting information about them and computerize it.;
  • Evaluating technical and administrative cadre performance in the province and its institutes;
  • Working on raising the competency of technical and administrative cadres through workshops and internal and external training courses;  
  • Creating new specializations required by local market;
  • Holding agreements with local community and official and private corporations for the purposes of training and recruiting;
Institutes’ Information
  • The cost of building province's institutes worth (6) million JD;
  • The value of workshops' equipments in all province's center worth (5) million JD;
  • The number of students for these centers are about (3000) male/female trainee for all levels and specializations; 
  • The gross number of graduates estimated at (32480) male/female trainee since the establishment of institutes and until the end of 2011 AD; 
  • The staff of northern province consists of (255) male/female employees including administrators and technicians who are receiving continuous training courses to increase their competency in their respected specialization;
  • The work of institutes is not limited to training only, they contributing in activating organizing vocational work as follows: 
  • (14350) male/female workers were classified for all levels and specializations;
  • (1320) store were classified among groups and specializations;
  • Also, international computer driving license examinations are being held in collaboration with UNESCO, the candidates are being granted the licenses where (1500) examinations have been held in the Institution of information technology until now.   
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