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Directorate - South Region Training Directorate
 Since its establishment since more than ten years ago, and based on the corporation's vision and mission, vocational training directorate/south province follows up and implements vocational training in all levels in the four southern governorates (Karak, Tafilah, Ma'an and Aqaba), and through the network of its extended institutes which cover these governorates, whereas south province directorate is taken care by (12) institutes for male and females.
Also the directorate of province is concerned with promoting collaboration frames with all segments of society in the province with private sector particularly, and providing all training and guidance services and the services of organizing vocational work for workers and professional stores.
The directorate of the province seeks to make the institutes a model for vocational training by developing the levels of various institutes as they are the first choice for vocational training in the province's governorates, and a model to be followed in the rest of the Kingdom's institutes.  
Duties and Responsibilities
  •  Preparing the annual plan for province's directorate which reflects on the institutes plan's;
  • Preparing the plan of the budget;
  • Studying directorate's needs of human resources, following up its availability in cooperation with the corporation, and holding training courses for employees in order to enhance their competency in all technical and administrative aspects;
  • Organizing issues related to trainees affairs for institutes and following up them;
  • Preparing the plan for equipments which are required for the institutes annually, and following up providing them in cooperation with supplies directorate and following up providing basic materials which are required for training in the institutes;
  • Follow up implementing and evaluating training process in the institutes, and addressing weakness points which occur, and evaluating training programs, and to work on creating new programs required for market;  
  • Supervising over agreements which are signed between the institutes and private sector, and following up its implementation;
  • Executing administrative correspondences between the institutes and the corporation are processing them when they are received in the province.
Institutes’ Information
 The Divisions of the Directorate

Human Resources Department
To study the directorate's actual needs of required qualified human cadres in coordination with the corporation, and to follow up administrative procedures related to employees such as recruiting, promoting, secondment, assigning, delegating, transferring, their incentives, terminating their services, and providing employees with services related to travel, leaves, health insurance, sponsorships and Archiving in accordance with laws, regulations and instructions in force.
Department of Trainees Affairs and Activities
To organize issue related to trainees since they join until they graduate, documenting the information related to them and using this information for various purposes of studies and statistics.
Preparing programs related to sport, social activities, practical tours, scout activities, public service, and to follow up implementing and evaluating them with coordination with relevant authorities.

The Department of Supplies and warehouses
  • Preparing the annual plan for the directorate;
  • Preparing the annual budget for the directorate;
  • Follow-up receiving materials in the institutes, store them and monitor their entry;
  • Disbursing allocations of the institutes of supplies in collaboration with relevant individuals in the corporation's administration;
  • Supervising over stores in the institutes affiliated to the directorate;
  • Supervising over the works of supplies inventory committees writing off, destruction and sell off duly; 
Accounting and Budget Department
  • To contribute in preparing financial databases for province's institutes;
  • Upgrading financial work for the institutes; 
  • Follow-up accounting cycle.
Training and Technical affairs Department

Follow up implementing, evaluating and directing training process, and studying and evaluating periodic and casual plans related to various activities of the directorate, and programming these activities, and identifying the number of accepted persons in training programs. Ascribing to create new training programs, and establishing new institutes in pursuant to these plans to qualify the employees of the directorate.                    

Bureau Department
Supervising over all incoming and outgoing correspondences, recording, referral, following up, filing, supervising over works of, typing, copying and stationary, and to follow-up implementing time instructions and all works related to security, safety, cleaning works, administrative supervision over requirement of various services in the directorate's building, and to follow up providing required services and facilities to ensure success of directorate's activities and providing services for visitors.                                                                   
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