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Services - Issue a Shop Classification Certificate (Replacement, damaged, renewed)

Required documents

1.    Identification Document.

2.    Original shop classification certificate for renewal.

3.    Damaged shop classification certificate to issue a new one.

4.    A copy of certificate of classification, if any for replacement.

5.    Fill out the form.



1.    To pay a visit to the Occupational Standards Unit at one of VTC Institutes near your residence or at the Shop Classification Section in the Occupational Standards Directorate.

2.    Fill in the form.

3.    Check the form filled by the staff at the unit.

4.    Filling out a written pledge of the lost certificate to issue a new one.

5.    Pay the fees.

6.    Submit the form in a formal letter to the Occupational Standards Directorate to issue the certificate.

7.    Issue the certificate by the Shop Classification Section and send it to the institute or deliver it to the applicant.

Expected time:

§  A week after submission of the application to the Occupational Standards Unit in the Institute.

§  Half an hour at the Directorate of Occupational Standards.


§  (JD 5) for a new one.

§  (JD 2) for lost/damaged one.


§  Vocational Training Corporation institutes and centers scattered all over the Kingdom.

§  Shop Classification Section at the Occupational Standards Directorate.



§  Five years under the provisions of the law and according to the date of the issuance.

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Conditions for obtaining the service


Partner institutions


Replacement form:

§  A form for Shop Classification Certificate.

§  A from for getting a replacement of a lost or damaged Shop Classification Certificate.
These forms is not available in English


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