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Services - Get Occupational Practice License
 Required documents:

§  Valid personal Identity.

§  A recent personal photo.

§  National Service Book (postponed for males).

§  A certified work experience for craftsman level.

§  Fill out the application form available at the Occupational Standards Directorate.

§  Official letter from the applicants' directorate, if from the public sector.



§  To pay a visit to the Occupational Standards Directorate at the nearest VTC center or institute.

§  Fill in the application form for the test level at the VTC institute.

§  Check the application.

§  Fill out the level and specialty with help from the training officer or trainer.

§  Pay the test fees

§  Assign a date to sit for the test (theoretical and practical).

§  Conduct the test.

§  Pay JD (10) if applicant passes the test (theoretical and practical).

§  Submit the form in a formal letter to the Occupational Standards Directorate to issue the certificate.

§  Issue the certificate and send it to the institute.


Conditions for obtaining the service

For skilled and craftsman levels, applicants should be able to read and write.


Expected time:

§  A week after submission of the application to the Occupational Standards Unit in the Institute.

§  (10) Days at the Directorate of Occupational Standards.


Fees to get an occupational license:

§  (JD 40) for craftsman level applicants.

§  (JD 30) for skilled level applicants.

§  (JD 20) for semi-skilled level applicants.

§  In case of passing the test (JD 10) will be paid for license issuance.



§  Vocational Training Corporation institutes scattered all over the Kingdom.


People benefiting from the service

§  Staff

§  Partner institutions


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§  How to get a replacement license.

§  How to renew an Occupational License.

§  Amendments of data by court's decision.



§  * The issuance of Occupational Practice License is done at the Directorate of Occupational Standards in addition to each Vocational Training Directorate in the North region and the following vocational training institutes: (Aqaba, Tafila, Maan, Moab, Testing and Training, the Hashemite, Ain Al-Basha, Sahab, Qweismeh, and Yajouz).

Duration (Occupational License): five years under the provisions of the law.


• Recommendations to grant or withhold certificate is in light of the following criteria: -

ü  Succeeded in the theoretical test if he/she achieves a minimum of (70%) of the grade.

ü  Succeeded in the performance test if he/she achieves a minimum of (75%) of the grade, and provided that at the earned mark for each question of the performance test questions are not less than (70%) of the allocated mark.

ü  If the applicant did not get the minimum mark of success in the (theoretical or practical) test, or both, he will redo the test in the part that he/she failed within one year of the date of submission of the test with the payment of fees due to the test by level.


Form Prepared for this purpose

Occupational License form

This form is not available in English

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