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Services - Register in VTC Training Programs
 These include: training programs for the (craftsman, skilled & semi-skilled, and tourism) according to occupational families.

Required documents:

1.    A photocopy of birth certificate.

2.    A certified copy of the last qualification.

3.    (6) Personal photos for males and (4) for females size 6×4.

4.    A photocopy of Family Register (the first page, parents' page, and the applicant page).

5.    The National Service Book for those who obtained it

6.    West Bank Card.

7.    A copy of the National Aid card for those who have one from the National Aid Fund.


1.    Visit the vocational training institutes; provide the link to the institutes.

2.    Fill in the form for this purpose.

3.    Obtain the approval of the Admission and Registration Committee at the institute.


Time required:

Half an hour, training period is (one, two or four semesters) as per the specialty, one semester duration is (700) hours.


Admission requirements:

1.    Ability to read and write for the semi-skilled level.

2.    Completing the tenth grade as a minimum requirement for the skilled level.

3.    Completing the twelfth grade (at school) successfully as a minimum requirement for the craftsman level (transcript for failures is not acceptable).

4.    Not less than (16) years of age.

5.    Vocation health fitness.

6.    Clean National Service Record.

7.    Pay training fees and assurance.



·         One JD for application registration for all levels.

·         JD 30 for Jordanians and the people of Gaza residents per semester and JD 60 for non-Jordanians per semester.

·         JD 30 for the tourism project program / first level to Jordanians and the people of Gaza residents and JD 120 for non-Jordanians.

·         Free for children and spouses of the staff of the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC).

·         Exemptions from the fees according to the following conditions / exemptions Link:

·         Wages and training services link.  



Location: all VTC institutes, according to available specialty, use VTC institute link.


People benefiting from the service:


Non Jordanians

People of Gaza residents





Partner institutions

Employers and shop owners.


Related Services


Practicing the profession




Form Prepared for this purpose

Request for admission to vocational training programs in the Vocational Training Corporation

This form is not available in English

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