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About VTC
Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) was established in accordance with the temporary law No. (35) of 1976, and it is currently working in accordance with the law No.11 of 1985 – the law of vocational training corporation and the amended law No.(50) of 2001, and the law No. (27) of 1999, the law for organizing vocational work. VTC provides its services to all citizens regardless of their education level working of the platform of lifelong continuous learning, both in vocational preparation programs of all professional levels, or upgrading competency programs to raise competency of workers on job in marketplace. The Corporation also provides training and consultations services in the area of safety and professional health to minimize accidents in workplace, training of trainers and supervisors in behavioral and administrative aspects, developing the work of small and middle size establishments, and organizing Jordanian labor market.     

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